Vienna Biocenter Summer School

Summer Undergraduate Fellowships

Next Application Period Opens 1 December 2016

Participating Labs


The list of labs offering positions will be continuously updated until 15 December!!

Project title tbc

Project title tbc

Epigenetic and chromatin dynamics in plants

Understanding small RNA-guided heterochromatin formation

Identification of novel key factors in plasma cell development

Project title tbc

Dissecting the miRNA diversity of the C. elegans nervous system

Project title tbc

Mitotic chromosome assembly

Regulation of autophagy and cell death by ubiquitin

Exploring the cellular basis of the magnetic sense

Nuclear pores as regulators of chromatin and membrane function

Modelling cardiac and adipose disorders using human pluripotent stem cells

Molecular Mechanisms of Metastasis and Therapy Resistance

Mechanistic insights into early embryogenesis using zebrafish as a model system

Molecular mechanisms of antibody diverification

Disease modelling

Project title tbc

Project title tbc

Decoding transcriptional regulation

Neural circuit control of behavior in C. elegans

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