November 17, 2016

piRNAs in tune: Nibbling away at the unknowns of piRNA biogenesis

Behind the scenes: Jakob Schnabl, currently a VBC PhD Student in the Brennecke Lab at IMBA, tells the story behind a milestone paper in small RNA Biology (published this week in Nature Advance Online Publication).


It was in 2014 — I was a rather naïve student with limited lab experience—when I got interested in RNA biology. For my Master’s project, I wanted to broaden my experience in biochemistry, so I applied to the lab of Stefan Ameres at the IMBA in Vienna. On the first day, Stefan introduced me to Julius Brennecke with the idea that I would have two mentors and a project on small RNA biogenesis that was of interest for both groups. That day, I also met Rippei Hayashi, a post-doc in Julius’ Group who would become my supervisor in the lab.

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